Friday, October 8, 2010


Hi folks,

I thought I'd start a wee little blog to record some adventures in sound design, music production and live electronica trickery - it's much easier and more organized than keeping track of multiple forum posts etc.

My name is Dave, I compose and produce under the name Flippo.  I'm interested in just about anything that has either solid bass and/or nice textures: dubstep, techno, drum 'n bass, field recordings, miscellaneous electronica etc, etc, etc.

Here is a DJ mix I did back in 2008 that you might like (I'm well overdue to record a new mix!)


Rhythm & Sound w/ Jah Batta -- Music Hit You -- [Burial Mix]
Flippo -- Flood -- [dub]
Pole -- Rondell Zweii --
Pole -- Silberfish -- [Kiff]
Deep Chord Presents: Echospace -- Aequionoxiuim -- [Modern Love]
Deep Chord Presents: Echospace -- Aberaxas -- [Modern Love]
Gus Gus -- Sleepytime -- [4AD]
Thom Yorke -- Cymbal Rush (The Field Late Night EssenUnd Trinken remix) -- [XL]
Rhythm & Sound w/ Shalom -- We Been Troddin -- [Burial Mix]
Maurizio -- MØ6A -- [M]
MLZ -- M-brane -- [Modern Love]
Rhythm & Sound -- See Mi Yah (Hallucinator remix) -- [Basic]
Deep Chord Presents: Echospace -- Empryean -- [Modern Love]
Rhythm & Sound -- See Mi Yah (Basic Reshape) -- [Basic]
Burial -- Distant Lights -- [Hyperdub]
Pinch -- Lazaus -- [Tectonic]
Shackleton -- Blood on my Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypse Now Mix) -- [Skull Disco]
Lusine -- Weaver -- [Ghostly International]
Spherix and Flippo -- .001 -- [dub]
Ruckspin feat. Ras Spear -- Ceasless -- [Ranking Records]
Quark and Ruckspin ft. Mr. Jo -- Tablage -- [Ranking Records]
AC23 -- Love Her
(Flippo's Winter Dub remix) -- [Formant Recordings]
Lusine -- Haze -- [Ghostly International]
Flippo -- Sleep --